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The Need-to-Know

Have you ever seen a "fresh baked" sign in a baker's window? Well, our window says "Fresh made", and there is a BIG difference. '

 Other bakeries have their product made at a different location and then shipped to them. The store then bakes the frozen product and labels it as "fresh baked". Fresh made" means the product was prepared, baked, packaged and sold on premises. Buono's has always baked in this fresh tradition.".

Buono's strives to create only the highest quality products possible. Using traditional methods combined with the newest technology, Buono's Bakery exels at being

"Providence's Best Kept Secret!"


In 2006, Buono's upgraded their baking equipment to a whole new level. Ovens, mixers, and racks were imported from Italy and installed by master technicians.


In addition to quality hardware, Buono's has always baked with quality ingredients.. Only unbleached and unbromat flour is used, and all water is ultrafiltered on-site which eliminates any contamination during transit. Also, reverse osmosis is NEVER used, meaning precious vitamins and minerals stay in the product, never the filter.

Our Quality

                                    To the community

Buono's Bakery is committed to your community. For every dollar you spend, a portion benefits numerous charities and caring organizations.


We continually donate to:

Providence Police and Fire Dept.

Johnston police and Fire Dept.

The Special Olympics

Numerous Soup Kitchens

Providence Rescue Mission

Numerous churches

And many other private charities.

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