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About Buono's Bakery

More than 90 years ago, the Monda familiy owned and operated an Italian bakery, now well known as Buonos bakery.  With two brand new stone built hearth ovens, they worked hard producing many golden brown crusty loafs of bread and went on to be known as "The kings of Bread!" In May of 1989, Arnold Buono, his brother Frank, and father-in-law Dan Amadio, took over the bakery after the Mondas' had been retired for two years. With start up help from the Mondas', the Buono family took over. In just a short time using the old world methods and recipies handed down to them, Buonos' began to establish a great name for themselves. Arnold went to get additional training at The National Baking Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. From then on, Buono's has become known as "The Best Italian Bread in New England".


On October 2nd, 1997, the bakery received a declaration from the Rhode Island House of Representatives for "Rhode Island's Best Bread". Buono's continually strives to improve and maintain a consistent bread quality by using old world methods combined with modern day accuracy and high quality ingredients. " Dont sell yourself short!".  If you have not tried Buono's yet, get here soon! You will not be disappointed. In addition to great bread products, we also have a full line of calzones, pizza, biscuits and italian pastries!

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